What is Sisu


Every day someone is affected by chronic illness or disease. It may be you or that of a loved one.

Every day someone is struggling through grief and loss. Quite possibly it is you and feeling as if you are alone in this process.

Every day there is a medical professional trying to manage the stressors of being a caregiver as well as an individual with a life outside the profession. Is this person you?

As a Mental Health Counselor, I am here to help you persevere and find your resiliency.

So where does the term Sisu fit in all of this?

In my years of working with people, there has been one common theme; Perseverance and Resilience. Just when someone thought they could not put one foot in front of the other, they continued through their struggles and came out the other side.

So the name of my practice is named after all of you who have shown me the true definition of determination. I am committed to helping you all find your inner courage and strength.

Sisu is a Finnish term that means: Extraordinary determination, courage, and resoluteness in the face of extreme diversity. An action mindset that enables individuals to reach beyond their present limitations, take action against all odds, and transform barriers into frontiers. (www.sisulab.com)

To find out more about how I may be of help, please read on.