Sex Therapy Questions

Some things you may want to know about Sex Therapy or a Sex Therapist;

  1. What is Sex Therapy?  Sex Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that can treat relationship and sexual concerns. Most of the time it is problem focused. A therapist will look at all of the factors that might be affecting the present concern.
  2. What is a Sex Therapist? A Sex Therapist uses a bio-psychosocial model along with talk therapy to aid you in finding solutions, processing thoughts, feelings and emotions about your sexual concern.
  3. What is a Bio-Psychosocial Model? A Sex Therapist will look at your relationship history, mental health, physical health, family life, job, general lifestyle, and sexual history. ALL of this plays a role in your sexual health.
  4. Does Sex Therapy involve being naked? NO. Some people think that a Sex Therapist involves being naked or getting touched. That is simply NOT the case. A Sex Therapist does NOT touch. Again he/she only uses psychotherapy. However, a Sex Therapist may offer techniques you may try in order to find solutions to your sexual concerns.
  5. Do I have to be in a relationship to see a Sex Therapist? No, a single person can choose to see a Sex Therapist to talk about sexual concerns they may be worried about such as engaging in an intimate relationship, identity concerns or dysfunctions you may think you have.
  6. How is a Sex Therapist different from any other type of therapist? While a licensed therapist can certainly work with individuals and couples on concerns relating to their sexual health, a Sex Therapist is specially trained in the area of sexual health. Sex Therapists undergo additional training and education in order to be a Certified Sex Therapist through  AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators,Counselors and Therapists). This requires a membership in AASECT, 90 hours of academic work, 60 hours of training, 300 hours of clinical work and 50 hours of supervision. The certification process takes years, but in the meantime, the Sex Therapist is able to provide therapy.