silhouette hand gesture feeling love during sunset

Are you finding yourselves disagreeing more frequently? Are you thinking that your feelings are not being acknowledged? Are you having trouble finding the right words to express how you feel? Communication is one of the hardest elements of any relationship.

I will provide an environment where you both will feel heard and supported, while helping you learn how to communicate with one another in a healthy and constructive manner, with the end result of having learned new tools in which helps you to communicate more effectively.

Has your intimacy level in your relationship changed? One could hardly be blamed for not wanting intimacy when possibly feeling tired, frustrated, betrayed,angry, anxious, or depressed. However, intimacy does not just mean the act of sex. It can be spending time cuddling together,(yes, I said cuddling), binge watching a favorite series, enjoying a movie together, taking a walk, writing love letters to one another, or taking a drive.

I can help you navigate through the clouded waters of what has become your “new normal” as an intimate couple. Together we can explore new ways in which you can reinvent your intimacy while finding your way back to one another.

Stress! Who doesn’t have it these days? What, with all the everyday demands of jobs, family life, or money concerns. Time as you knew it is now changed and you cannot seem to carve out enough of it to find a solution. Now, add in a break down in communication, disagreeing about not only the big decisions but the day to day decisions.

I can assist you in finding ways to be creative in carving out time for you as a couple and help you find ways of managing the stress such as prioritizing the long lists of “to do’s”, finding ways in which you can still enjoy “the little things” and decreasing the negative impact overall stress can have in your relationship.

Infidelity. It happened and left you both feeling angry, betrayed, sad, confused and blaming the other for why it happened.

I will work with you on sorting out the myriad of emotions that has now become a daily struggle. As you vacillate between forgiveness and moving ahead with healing vs anger and letting the marriage end, you will not be alone. I can help you sort out what it means for you individually, a couple and a family. If the marriage ends and children are involved, I will assist in making it as smooth a transition for all.