By now, you have probably looked at tons of profiles for therapists along with their websites. Your eyes may be glossing over and you are trying to remember who said what where. So thank you for staying with mine and I hope that when you are done reading, you feel as though we might just be a good fit.

Who I have chosen to serve…


Individuals who are challenged by the struggles of managing a life change. This can be due to relationship concerns, health issues, divorce, marriage, blending of families, grieving a loss or job stressors. You may be feeling anxious, depressed, confused, angry, lonely, conflicted or have poor self esteem.  At any point during the process, seeking therapy is beneficial.


 A relationship may experience changes in their dynamics due to learning how to live together, communicate, blending of families, illness, infidelity or finding you are growing apart rather than together. You might have tried self help books, asking friends and family for advice or just not dealing with it altogether, hoping it will get better on its own.  The talk of separation or divorce may be on the table.  This is when seeking a therapist can be helpful.

Sex Therapy:

Sexual health plays a key role in people’s lives. It may be questions about your sexual identity, sexual function, fetishes, past or current sexual trauma, or wanting to improve your intimacy and sexual relationship with your partner. So often individuals and couples are reluctant, afraid or even embarrassed to seek out a Sex Therapist. I feel strongly about helping my clients learn to feel comfortable talking about their sexual health and assisting them in finding solutions to their concerns.

My approach:

This is where you might be expecting me to tell you what sort of modality I use during my therapy sessions; such things as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, or maybe Person Centered. To most people, that means absolutely nothing. Even though I may indeed use those modalities, I have really learned that its not necessarily what modality I use, but the connection I am able to make with my clients. What most people want to know is what am I like during a therapy session?

I believe that therapy is a collaboration between the client and therapist. I am fully engaging and will not simply sit and nod my head while you share from your heart. My empathy and genuineness should help to make you feel more comfortable. Therefore, I prefer to have an environment where you can be casual and yourself. Our time together is for you–I will talk with you about your goals while in therapy and what sort of work we may do together to get you there. This may include work outside of the therapy office. I have found that most people like to receive “homework” as it helps them stay on track while waiting for the next therapy session. I may share with you readings, books, conferences etc. that I come across, which may be helpful in reaching your goals. Periodically, I will “check in” with you to make sure the work we are doing is meeting your needs. At any time, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or ideas about how the therapeutic process is going, please feel free to share them.

About me…My Education and Experience:

Ever since I was a young child, there was never any doubt about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Without being dramatic, it was the profession that came to me. I was meant to be in the helping profession. I envisioned myself having a private practice where I could help people realize their potentials and help heal their wounds.

I received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the State University at Brockport and a Master’s degree from St. John Fisher College in Mental Health Counseling. I have worked in various medical facilities and a outpatient clinic. I have volunteered in Hospice and Comfort Care Homes.

I attended the University of Michigan where I received a certificate in Sexual Health.