Hi and welcome to Sisu Counseling and Consulting.

Sisu is a Finnish term that means: Extraordinary determination, courage, and perseverance.

In my years of working with individuals, couples, and families there has been one common theme; Perseverance and Resilience. So the name of my practice is named after all of you who have shown me the true definition of determination. I am committed to helping you find your inner courage and strength.

Every day, someone is trying to adjust to a life change whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually.

Every day, someone is attempting to alleviate some form of distress, trying to cope with a loss, managing their anxiety/depression or reevaluating their life goals. This can bring about feelings of sadness, confusion, increased anxiety, loss of sleep, anger and frustration. No two people handle such situations the same. Which is why, often times we find it comforting and helpful to seek out an objective and non-judgmental person with whom we can share our thoughts with.

I encourage you to forge on and read more about how I just might be the therapist for you.